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Why Fire & Rescue personnel need electrolytes:

In addition to the extraordinarily hot temperatures Fire & Rescue personnel must deal with, fire-protective clothing traps in body heat, effectively eliminating the effectiveness of sweat’s cooling effects. This causes the body to attempt to compensate by releasing dramatically large amounts of sweat. According to one study, firefighters lose up to five times as much water as athletes in a given period of time.

Sweat is made of more than just water, and Fire & Rescue personnel have to replace a spectrum of electrolytes as well, including sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. SaltStick is designed to replace all of these lost electrolytes, in a form the body can easily absorb, which makes it easier to stay hydrated and — more importantly — to stay safe.

Sweat typically has about 1000 mg sodium/liter, a typical sports drink has 440 mg sodium/liter. If, during the course of activity, you ingest nothing but sports drinks (or worse, water), you will become hyponatremic at some point. Many sports drinks also do not address any form of supplementation of the other key electrolytes, potentially causing yet further cramping and muscle issues.

How SaltStick can help Fire & Rescue personnel:

What is lost in sweat should be replaced by your electrolyte capsules in a quantity and form which your body can absorb. SaltStick® Caps have been formulated to provide your body with a balanced electrolyte content in the suggested serving of 1 capsule per 30-60 minutes. Two SaltStick Caps in an hour equate to 430 mg sodium, 126 mg potassium, 22 mg magnesium, and 44 mg calcium per hour: The ideal ratio to keep you hydrated and safe.

Read our usage guides for all SaltStick products.

What other Fire & Rescue personnel say about SaltStick products:

“The daily heat stress firefighters endure puts them at risk for heat exhaustion. I always keep a SaltStick Dispenser in my firefighter gear to incorporate with water and energy drinks.” — SaltStick partner Brian Hackenburg

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