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Scientific Articles

Salt Science — Discussing the importance of sodium in endurance sports.
Why Potassium? — Discussing the importance of potassium in endurance sports.
Selected Excerpts On SaltStick Science — Excerpts and references from selected research discussing the importance of sodium in endurance sports.
Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports — Effects of Oral Salt Supplementation on Physical Performance During a Half-Ironman: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Slowtwitch.com Articles

by Jonathan Toker, PhD
Safe Dietary Supplements? – Feb 2017
The Math of Salt Loss – Oct 2009
How Much is Enough? The Importance of Testing Supplements – June 2009
Supplement Testing: Who is Watching Out for the Athletes? – May 2008
Where do those little pills come from, anyway? – April 2008
You are what you eat; does the FDA care? – March 2008

Product Comparison Chart (1-page)

Compare SaltStick Electrolytes to your sweat loss and against competing products.  Available as a Color PDF, Black & White PDF, or Word Doc.

Product Usage Guides

SaltStick Caps — Usage Guide
SaltStick Caps PLUS — Usage Guide
SaltStick Fastchews — Usage Guide


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A Complete Guide to Electrolytes (PDF)