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Vitassium Physician’s Program

How Can SaltStick Help My Practice?

Through our ​Vitassium Physician’s Program​, SaltStick offers to donate free Vitassium 8-count sample packets to U.S.-based physicians and clinics who care for individuals with dysautonomia, POTS or EDS. Our Physician’s Program began in 2015 with the original SaltStick Caps product, and has since grown to many clinics and care facilities around the country. An 8-count packet contains the equivalent of 2000 mg sodium, or 5g of salt, along with 400 mg of potassium.

We recommend that each dysautonomia patient receive one free packet of Vitassium capsules, coupled with our Vitassium Postcard (see below) and encouragement to visit saltstick.com to learn more about Vitassium. In addition, we encourage physicians to recommend that patients join the Vitassium Club to save 20% on SaltStick electrolytes.

Front and back image of the Vitassium 8-count packet.

How Do I Apply?

Please create a SaltStick B2B account here, and in the Additional Comments section please put “VITASSIUM PHYSICIAN’S PROGRAM.”  The Vitassium Physician’s Program is for qualified U.S.-based physicians or clinics who care for individuals with dysautonomia, POTS or EDS.  We reserve the right to deny any application for any reason. Our team will contact you within two business days of receiving your application.

What Should I Expect?

Once you are accepted as a member of our Physician’s Program, our friendly staff will call or email your office to confirm your acceptance and walk you through our ordering process. Your office can conveniently order FREE SaltStick Vitassium 8-count packets and FREE Vitassium postcards (see below). If you want to review Vitassium before applying, we are happy to mail your office a selection of Vitassium samples and literature for your review.

Physician Mailer (pdf download)
Vitassium Postcard Front (jpg download)
Vitassium Postcard Back (jpg download)


I still have questions!?

If you have questions or comments, please Contact Us and we will respond as soon as possible.