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Although Danielle is ranked among the top 250 tennis players in the world, her initial path into sport actually started as a golfer. In fact, she didn’t discover tennis until late childhood on a family vacation, and it took several years for her to realize tennis was her true passion. But over time, as she began to get more competitive and develop her skills, she shifted her focus away from golf, eventually quitting the sport at age 13.

Since then, Danielle has relentlessly pursued success as a tennis player. In college, Danielle was captain of the University of Southern California Women’s tennis team, where she became a two-time NCAA DI Singles All-American. Today, at age 25, she continues to find success in the sport, including a top-300 WTA player ranking and multiple 25k and 15k championship wins.


Athletic Achievements:

  • Top 300 WTA Player
  • 25k & 15k Singles Champion
  • #261 WTA Singles Career High Ranking
  • #221 WTA Doubles Career High Ranking
  • USC Women’s Tennis Team Captain
  • 2x NCAA DI Singles All American

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How SaltStick helps Danielle:

“I have been in all types of conditions and have not cramped once in competition or training since I have been using SaltStick.”


Danielle’s favorite thing about tennis:

“It is all on you.”

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