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“I was always going to play tennis,” Giuliana jokes. “My dad decided that well before I was born and I didn’t have much of a choice.” Although she didn’t like the sport at first, once Giuliana progressed far enough to begin winning and traveling at the age of 11, she fell in love with tennis. She began to enjoy the feeling of putting in many hours and seeing it pay off with a feeling of, “I did it.” Giuliana quickly decided that she wanted to become a professional.

Giuliana graduated in 2016 from the University of Southern California, where she was the #1 singles and doubles player and captain of the tennis team. With a strong finish to her collegiate career (#10 in singles and #4 in doubles), she used the momentum to transition to the pro circuit. Currently, she lives and trains in Los Angeles, as well as at Tompkins Tennis International in Fremont, Calif.

Athletic Achievements:

  • 8 pro circuit doubles titles
  • 4 pro circuit singles titles
  • 2x All-American (singles & doubles)
  • 2x All- PAC 12 First Team
  • 2x PAC-12 Team Champion
  • Career High NCAA #10 singles & #4 doubles

How SaltStick helps Giuliana:

“I have been using SaltStick for almost two years, and it has helped me tremendously in my matches, especially those that are in hot and humid places. SaltStick helps prepare my body for competition by giving me the electrolytes I need to prevent cramping; knowing that lets me compete with one less thing to worry about.”

Giuliana’s favorite thing about tennis:

“I love to compete.”

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